Psycho-Social Forum 2010

In these difficult times, a light at the end of the tunnel: the discovery of Inversion.

We live in times of enormous uncertainty. Climatic upheaval, earthquakes, war and the threat of war, pollution, epidemics, poverty and hunger, unemployment, violence, drugs – all are increasing. Our esthetic, ethical and even religious values are under siege. No matter where we turn we find institutions, ecosystems and nations in crisis. Fear for our future and the future of our children is skyrocketing.

And solutions have been hard to come by. Science has proven inadequate in treating the escalating problems, the corporate media distorts the facts and ignores alternatives and the corruption of power structures leaves us breathless. In the midst of all this, psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe, is bringing a light – the discovery of psychological and social Inversion that is still unconscious to most of the Earth’s citizens.

All human problems have their origin in the inverted human being and the inverted society he has created. The STOP Association applies Keppe’s discoveries in its work to make people conscious of this root cause, and the solutions available through Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy.

Healing the World Through Consciousness of Inversion is a forum featuring a wide range of lectures, workshops, and panel discussions based on Keppe’s science and with applications in all fields of human endeavor, including energy, health, education, art, communications, economics, spirituality, the environment, etc. Our hope is that this Forum will open the doors to a new era of development and peace while offering a myriad of possibilities and solutions to society.

All are invited to participate in the Forum being held May 13 – 15. Activities will be conducted by a group of psycho-social therapists, teachers, scientists, doctors, psychoanalysts, artists, journalists and researchers from around the world.

Organized by STOP The Destruction of the World Association