Consecrate Russia to Mary for Peace

Are you spiritual? Do you believe in the energetic power of prayer? If so, this email is for you!

Many don’t know what the Holy Mother did back in 1917. She made a request to the shepherds in Fatima that has never been granted.

She asked for Russia to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart in a simple ceremony celebrated around the world at the same time in order for the world to have peace. Of course, she didn’t mean that only Russia was desirous of war; many countries have used war to further their aims. She meant that under her protection, Russia would play a fundamental role in bringing together all peoples of the world.

Our intention is to create a resonance between people all over the world who will collectively make this consecration on the same day and at the same hour in each country. This will occur on July 17th, 2010 and will result in a full day of resonant concentration. This could have an enormous impact in bringing peace for the world.

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