The New Civilization of The Third Millennium – STOP 259

Up until now, people have lived sensorial lives, trying to be happy through something that doesnt bring happiness. The program also explores the noxious influence of men like Adam Smith, Westinghouse, J. P. Morgan (who persecuted Tesla) and Andrew Carnegie among others, and shows how laws made by sick individuals have created inequality.
Additionally the program explores how the origin of illness is not bacteria and other micro-organisms as Pasteur believed and shows how the use of Pasteurization, sterilzation with toxic chemicals and the use of agricultural pesticides has caused tremendous harm to mankind. The studies of Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard, which are now coming to be better known, show how bacteria arises from sick tissues and not that the bacteria themselves are the cause of illness. Trilogical science suggests that medicine must study psychology and society in addition to the body.