The human being has within himself everything he needs to be happy – STOP 150

The principle purpose of the STOP program is to help the human being see the errors he commits that effect his happiness. To help him to interiorize and perceive that he already has within himself everything he needs to be happy. By accepting goodness and not disturbing his life, an individual to return in great part to the sanity he originally had through the perception of how he negates, omits and distorts goodness
It is good to conscientize how the world destoying it self through catastrophes, hunger, injustice and vidolence but also the way to organize a truly good, beautiful and truthful civilization. The cause of the good and evil things that happen in the world comes from within man’s inner life which has organized a society as sick as he is which has no turned against all humanity which is why it is key to conscientie the psychosocial pathology which keppe describes in his book Sociopathology- a study of social pathology
An analysis of correct behavior: politicians should serve the people, entrepreneurs should enrich the people, economsts improve mankinds riches, journalists should help the human being by speaking the truth. The most importante consciousness is that the kingdom of goodness will come, because goodness prevails whether the human being accepts it or not.