The Current Financial Crisis is Actually Good for the World – STOP 269

There are no risks for Brazil from the current financial crisis. Actually, this situation is fortuitous for all nations that are now forced to leave speculation behind and return to work. That will bring almost immediate development. Dr. Keppe’s book, The Decay of American People and the United States, written in 1984, shows how the country has decayed and what needs to be done to reverse this.

Keppe shows that those countries that stopped working and started trying to earn from gambling on the stock market are in the most trouble now. This is the single biggest cause of today’s crisis. However, this situation is apocalyptic only for speculators — not for the common person. It signals the end of the delusions principally of the First World and the sickest, most envious and voracious individuals. They need to get back to real work.

In fact, there has not been a stock market crash; rather we are having our eyes opened to the nonexistence of speculative money. Brazil is not dependent on its stock market, which was actually set up to feed other countries. Brazil possesses all the necessary natural resources to experience dramatic progress. We have only to prioritize productivism instead of speculation.


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