Keppe Motor Kit

The STOP the Destruction of the World Association has announced the release of the Keppe Motor KIT.

Containing all the parts necessary to build your very own introductory version of the Keppe Motor, the Kit also contains an illustrated manual with all the step-by-step instructions youll need to put the Motor together. Inside the Manual is a detailed exploration of the theory behind the Keppe Motor Norberto Keppes New Physics. This is a must read for anyone interested in the scientific basis behind this revolutionary Motor. The Manual also contains a number of experiments that you can conduct with this version of the Keppe Motor.

The Keppe Motor uses 5 times less energy than a conventional electric motor because it captures Scalar Energy from space. The STOP Association has decided to release this technology to the world in the hopes that many interested individuals will contribute to the study and development of this landmark technology.

Build and test your very own model and contribute to the development of the Motor.
An excellent gift for young people to teach them the new principles behind capturing energy that make this such a revolutionary technology


Keppe Motor